Well, hello there!

Well, hello there!
Matt & I in Costa Rica over Christmas...So beautiful there!
It's simple. Really. We're a young married couple that loves cooking together. We always try to eat healthy and, if it's simple and doesn't break the bank, we're into that, too! We hope you'll visit often and tell us what you think about what we're cooking! We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a note, a suggestion or a recipe!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

acorn squash, baby.

I must say, when Matt asked "hey baby, what's for dinner?" and I say "squash" he looked a little concerned. I realized that squash should be accompanied by a protein, so we had some fillet Mignon's. He looked less concerned but, still somewhat leery about the squash. I kept telling him that I've made it before and he had the same preliminary reaction and, after the first bite he loved it, just like I knew he would. Still wasn't ringing a bell with him so, he played with the dogs and I got to cooking. If it's squash, I love it. Summer squash, acorn, butternut, spaghetti, you name it, I love it. My friend Jessica, her parents have a garden and they grow massive summer yellow squash. HOLY. COW. In the Summer, she gave Matt & I literally two entire bags full, and these bad boys of the garden looked like they were on steroids they were so huge. ENORMOUS. That's another post for another time, though...I will say that I made Jalapeno Bacon Sauteed Squash with those. And yes, I'll share soon! Anyway...moving along.
Back to the acorn.

Acorn Squash with Pearl Barley and Pea and Carrot Pilaf

What you'll need:
~ 1 Acorn squash. If you've never bought one, you can't miss it. It's the squash that looks like...you guessed it, an acorn.
~ 2 Tbs. melted butter/SmartBalance, divided
~ 3 Tbs. water
~ Pearl barley, cooked according to directions. Should take about 45 mins.
~ Salt & pepper, to taste
~ 1 pkg. frozen green pea and carrot blend, warmed according to directions

What to do:
~ Preheat the oven according to squash baking instructions that are on the produce sticker on the squash. Bake on baking sheet with water, and the flesh of the cut parts brushed w/1 Tbs. butter, according to baking instructions.
~ Mix the salt, pepper, cooked barley and peas and carrots all together with remaining butter
~ Spoon barley mixture into squash "cups" and serve and enjoy, of course!

It's such a good, healthy, hearty Fall/Winter-ish meal! It's super easy, too.

Matt loved it, just like I knew he would! Mainly because he loved it the first time I made it. Oh Matt!

Hope you enjoy! Until next time, happy cooking!!!

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