Well, hello there!

Well, hello there!
Matt & I in Costa Rica over Christmas...So beautiful there!
It's simple. Really. We're a young married couple that loves cooking together. We always try to eat healthy and, if it's simple and doesn't break the bank, we're into that, too! We hope you'll visit often and tell us what you think about what we're cooking! We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a note, a suggestion or a recipe!

Friday, July 8, 2011

monkey around.

A monkey we met in Costa Rica!

Let me start off by asking this question: Who HASN'T had Monkey Bread?

It seems almost sinful to not have experienced this Southern pull-apart bread in your childhood but, alas, Matt had never had it. Growing up in Houston, I'm not sure how h never had it but, crazier things have happened (see also the fact that Houston has set record breaking temperatures for like a gazillion days in a row, Kim K's engagement ring, etc). It's still a shame that he went nearly 26 years without knowing about this ridiculously good "breakfast" (pshhh, yeah right, it's like dessert) item! Well, not to worry, I remedied that a couple weeks ago when I woke up early on a Sunday morning and had monkey bread on my mind. I ran to the grocery store, grabbed what I needed and headed home to make it.
I was so excited that I called Matt (and woke him up) and asked him to preheat the oven for me before I got back!
Moving along...

This post, much like the last, and regrettably so, will not contain the recipe.
I will, however post ASAP, seeing as some of you may not have had monkey bread either. But don't tell me if you haven't. I don't want to hear it! :)

Recipe coming soon. And hey! I used Splenda and reduced-fat biscuits, so...it's almost like it doesn't have calories. ALMOST.

Until then...

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  1. I love monkey bread, but never had it with biscuits. we used yeast rolls and let them rise over night. i will make this as soon as you post it.